Hiring SEO To Do the Work

Since Google came into play in late 1990’s, a new player has spawned into the online world. This campaign method is well known as Search Engine Marketing. If we divide SEM broadly, it shall be paid and organic marketing via search engines. SEO or search engine optimization falls in to organic section and is regarded as cheap investment when compared to paid out marketing.

Why Your Site Could be Worthless

Having a website is not enough to enter into the online marketing world.  If your site can’t be fount by your potential customers, it is worthless and would yield nothing in condition of sales or business. So what precisely is a “Search Engine Optimization” technique as well as how does one hire a dedicated SEO professional in order to get the best SEO solution for your website and business?
Let us observe how, for example, someone searching for Gloves on search engines, will most likely type in “cheap leather gloves” or “buy quality leather-based gloves” or similar to this. Search engines now will display a listing of websites and those on top are likely to get clicked and therefore a gain a new customer. This is how organization is produced by having the best rating on search engines upon organizating related keywords.

Converting Losers to Winners

Therefore all of us conclude that the best rated websites are those who are prone to get visitors and lastly turn them into clients. The game of search engine marketing techniques is just like a market place. It’s like an industry where there are many shops selling the same products and services. The entry gate for customers is usually pitching page one results. Those shops (websites) ranking on top are similar to having their shop located close to that entry point. It is a being human that the visitor is much affected with the top players seated near the entry gate compared to the rest of the others. So almost all I mean to say here is that visitors or online visitors are extremely more likely to click on top websites than others and they are the real consumers .

How Do Sites Rank?

But how search engines like GoogleYahoo and Bing decides to list those websites on the top instead of other folks who do not rank at the top? Here comes the game of Search Engine Optimization, where these search engines like google are influenced by websites that give them even more importance and relevance allowing them to rank higher. In other words, it is a game to rank on top or at least on page 1, to get more and more visitors that increase sales, benefits and profits.
So now we get to comprehend what precisely search engine marketing is about and what finally is expected out of the search engine optimization company you hire. In short  “it’s more traffic and more Sales”.
Before you hire a devoted SEO expert online, you have to look some very crucial factors before you sign up with them. You have two options. You possibly you can hire a professional Seo service team or even hiring individual professionals in Search Engine Optimization. You should investigate both options.

Specialized SEO Services

The main reason I say hiring a dedicated SEO expert (individual) is good is the fact nowadays a large number of individuals are already in this discipline and working for some of the top SEO businesses. They may work on the side outside of the agency where they take on a small number of clients. Or, they present themselves as an agency but it is just one dedicated individual doing the SEO work and having maybe just a few assistants. Normally these people take on a limited amount of clients and can be very effective.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up I would recommend doing your research of the individual you seek to do SEO for your site. Once they are chosen by you, have trust in his/her capability and at least for a few months till your site starts ranking for some of your most powerful keywords. This can take time and nowadays with google moving slowly, nine months is typical for medium to harder keywords.

Who YOU Are On Facebook and Twitter Will Determine If YOU Show Up In Search Results

Google DOES use Twitter and Facebook links as a ranking signal. In addition, they are also looking at the reputation of the Tweet’s and/or Facebook update’s author or creator.

What does this mean?

Not all Tweets and/or Facebook updates are treated the same because search engines are now starting to rank YOU. The higher you rank the more search engines will trust that you can provide their searcher a good experience. What is a good experience? Actually, this could be several factors but let’s keep it simple – are you providing the searcher with the information searched.

Human rank is much like a web page rank.

The rank of a web page is primarily determined by how many other highly ranked and relevant web pages point to it with a link (backlink). So a web page about basket weaving will not benefit when a low ranking web page about skydiving links to it. In fact, it could even hurt the the basket weaving webpage

A few factors search engines will be looking at when determining Your human rank:

  • how many people you follow; how many people follow you
  • the reputation and influence of the people you friend and follow.
  • the reputation and influence of the people that follow you
  • the relevance of the people you friend and follow
  • the relevance of the people that follow you
  • the quality and relevance of your updates and tweets
  • the quality of engagement your tweets and updates receive
  • the reputation and influence of the people that @mention you
  • the reputation and influence of the people that retweet you

I think you probably get the picture. If you would like to receive high rankings from search engines you will need to surround yourself with high quality people that relate to your industry. In addition, you need to take the time to create a real relationship with your friends and followers.

Why is it important to rank high?

  • You, your tweets/updates and links will show up higher in search results. Simply put, you will get found by your target audience.
  • You will be able to improve the rank of others by talking about them and linking to them. Now that is what I call Influence.

This isn’t only happening in the social search engines.

This has already been happening in social search engines which only serve you results from people you know.  A few social search engines are

Google’s Social Search
Google’s Real Time Search
Bing’s Facebook Like Results
Bing’s Social Search
Bing Real-Time Search

Is your target audience using these search engines? Probably not.

The good news is they are starting to use this in the traditional search engines like Google and Bing where your target audience searches. Although experimental for now, we all need to be prepared for it’s full adoption.

5 ways to improve your Human Rank?

    1. Find your industries influencers and follow them on Twitter.  klout.com allows you to search for influencers by topic (keyword). Organize your influencers into a Twitter list. Check that list everyday to see how you can contribute to their influence by retweeting and/or answering one of their questions via @mention.
    2. Engage with your influencers and target audience on Twitter via @mention.
    3. Create a content strategy plan for your tweets.  All Tweets need to relate to your industry and be high quality. I suggest finding and subscribing via RSS to your industry’s most trusted blogs. Use Google Reader to manage your RSS subscriptions. Everyday review your Google Reader for high quality and relevant links to share on Twitter and Facebook.
    4. Use Twitter Search to seek out similar topics or conversations where you can join.

Don’t worry I wasn’t going to ignore Facebook. When it comes to influencer outreach I would concentrate on Twitter first since every page is open to the search engines. It is a bit more difficult to determine human rank in Facebook since not all of your friends and fans have set their privacy settings to “everyone”.  Of course, you should still be providing fantastic content on your Facebook Fan Page but that is for another blog post.

  1. It is best to start the relationship in Twitter prior to friending your influencers on Facebook. If they have Facebook fan page then “Like” it. Much like Twitter you will want to contribute to their influence by engaging with their Fan Page. You can easily check all of your influencers’ Page updates in a custom newsfeed by clicking on “Most Recent” on home page; click pages from drop down menu (see screenshot below). A few ways to engage are 1. “like” and comment their updates 2. let them showcase their expertise by asking them questions on their wall 3. share their links.

Spread.us Will Get You Found on the Web FAST

I love this social sharing tool that made me smile. This tool will help you as a content creator (publisher) and a content curator.

Spread.us is a share button that you will soon be able to install on your blog/website. It allows your visitors to set up automatic Tweets and/or Facebook Likes for your current and future posts.  They will never have to come back to your blog/website to share a new posts. Spread.us automatically shares as soon as you click “publish” so all your shares will happen at the same time.

What does this mean for you as a content creator/publisher?

Enabling your website visitors (social circle) to AUTOMATICALLY share your posts on Facebook and Twitter as soon as you click publish is the secret to. . .

  1. getting found on the web by both search engines and your target audience
  2. establishing credibility as a leader in your industry
  3. providing social proof that you are your industry’s trusted resource
  4. growing your audience significantly

What does this mean for you as the content curator?

Being able to consistently break the story to your social circle is also the secret to. . .

  1. getting found on the web by both search engines and your target audience
  2. establishing credibility as a leader in your industry
  3. providing social proof that you are your industry’s
  4. growing your audience significantly
  5. Growing your audience significantly.

Spread.us allows you to customize your Facebook and Twitter sharing settings. I assume the publisher would set up the share settings. You can choose


You can choose

  1. Tweet style (Retweet the original Tweet or copy and paste Tweet)
  2. Tweet frequency (set the exact number of Tweets you would like to do per day)

You can also chose which posts you would like to share by

  1. author
  2. topic
  3. edition
  4. region


The Facebook set up was not working for me today.

Content curation is loved by Google. However, you must know how to do it right. This can save you a lot of money and time and is an effective way for getting quality and sometimes viral traffic.