Dropshipping Course Ecom Elites Review. Is it Best For Newbies?

Drop shipping is a hot topic and many people that want to better themselves financially or just be able to quit their jobs and travel the world are starting to do this.  When you look at many of the so called guru’s online that are doing dropshipping and are very successful at it – they make it look so easy.

The truth of the matter is dropshipping is not easy at all.  You can easily fail and most people that try to start this type of business never actually succeed.  New stores are open every day on the Shopify platform as well as stores closing.  The main reason for this is that people get discouraged when they don’t see success.  More to this, they may only tried just a few products and get discouraged when they don’t sell.  In dropshipping you need to test many products before you can one find one that actually sells.

It’s hard to say how many products you have to test first before it will work but it could be many.  Some people might actually get lucky and have a successful launch with their first product that that is very unlikely.  In order to succeed you need to pursue many different products and niches.  Success will come to those who test, test and test.

Get The Best Training

The only way you’re going to succeed in this business is if you get the proper training.  There’s many ways to go about this and you could get free training from youtube but more than likely this training is very basic and will not give out details.

There’s also a very expensive courses out there some costing up to $4000.  You know need to spend that kind of money to get a good training course.  Ecom Elites costs only $197 and has only information that you need to get started.  I bought this course a while ago when I started to get into e-commerce and I’ve really learned a lot from it.  Franklin Hatchett is the instructor and he has a really great way of teaching.  He explains things well and covers all the strategies that you would ever need for drop shipping.

There’s many different modules in this course.  Some of the modules include Facebook training, Instagram training, google shopping ads, email marketing training and more.

It’s a lot of content to go through and will take you some time to do.  If you are a complete newbie to drop shipping, then you’ll benefit a lot from this training.  E-commerce is new to me as well in the first thing he teaches is how to set up your Shopify store.  He takes you through the complete set up from start to finish and it was a lot easier than I thought.

One of the things that I really struggled with was finding products to sell.  I had an idea of what I wanted to sell on the store but once I took the course, I quickly found out that my choice was probably not the best one.  If I hadn’t bought this course I think I would’ve wasted a lot of money.  It set me straight so I was very happy about that.

The store I decided to do based on the training was a general type store with many different products.  Franklin shows how to find these products and gives you a variety of different ways.  I was apprehensive of buying products from China but now I completely understand why this is done.  I am also going to get into the print on demand business where I will be supporting businesses here in the United States.  I don’t feel so guilty anymore!

Facebook Training

I admit I was a little overwhelmed by the training here because there is so much of it. However, I will take it as the more I know, the more I believe I will succeed. This is the biggest section of Ecom Elites and probably the most important at least to me anyway because I will be focusing mostly on Facebook Ads. From the training he tells you to spend at least $5 to 20$ a day on ads and that works for me.

Google Ads Training

I didn’t know you can use Google Ads for Dropshipping before I got into this but you can. The training really shows you how this can be powerful because the traffic you get from these ads is very targeted. It’s not like Facebook, it’s completely different. I am using both now and have seen one of my products really take off so it’s getting exciting.


There’s so much more to the course and if you are going to get into dropshipping you can also check out another Ecom Elites review and see the positive comments as well. To those people that paid over a grand for an Ecom course, if you can still get a refund, do it and get Ecom Elites instead.

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